I always leave feeling better. I’d be hard pressed to say which therapist I like best; they’re all so good! Love the inclusion of essential oils.

” I have used multiple different masseuses and have not had a single bad experience!! I have definitely recommended Lifestyle to multiple people ”


I love this place. The people are the most caring and giving. I always feel so good when I leave. What I really like is they are working so they do not have to see you. It is such a refreshing thing in having someone care about your overall health and wellness. I highly recommend!

“I loved the service! You guys are great. Great customer service. Tia always does a great job. I leave there feeling better each time. I would recommend you guys for sure. I have already.”


I have had two fantastic massage experiences here and would confidently recommend it to anyone.

“Massage left me feeling relaxed. Great experience. I love how they offer couples massages and are open on weekends.”

– Emily

When I saw Scott, I didn’t think he was a massage therapist at first cause he didn’t act like the one’s I’ve seen before. He offered so much more than the others. He got me to a better place. The funny thing is that he got me to the point of not needing him at all. So now I just come in for my regular maintenance massages from other therapists who are all excellent at what they do.