Back painOur back can hurt for many reasons. To treat the back pain, it usually requires quality of services rather then quantity. That is why our combination of professionals with credentials and experience in Nutrition, Health Coaching, Massage Therapy, Fitness Training, Physiotherapy, and Chiropractic is a short list of what we offer. It’s about finding the right combination of treatment to discover the root cause and treat it.

“Is the high blood pressure caused by a deficiency of blood pressure medication in the blood? Are headaches caused by an aspirin deficiency?  Of course not.”

~Dr. Walter Crinnion

Taking Medicine


Whether you decide to see a Massage Therapist, a Chiropractor, or come to see one of our health coaches, your needs or concerns can be brought to the attention to a whole team of professionals. The cause behind a persons health issue is most often a combination of concerns; a job that makes you sit all day, unawareness of what a good diet looks like, weight gain or loss, and even an unexplainable muscle spasm. Browse our website to get a feel for what each service offers. Some services performed may not be listed but utilized during your visit to accommodate your needs.