• Exercise for Desk workers

Having spent some time in the world of ergonomics, I was able to learn a thing or two. Naturally, our spine is not designed to sit all day. Greater force is compressed between each vertebrae to cause aggravated muscle load. As a fitness trainer years ago I did not realize that simple exercises like weight lifting, running, or even swimming, could counter-act the long-term effects of sitting in a job. So this message applies to more than 70% of our society.

There are many simple exercises that apply to re-training our muscles to stay healthy to the negative effects of sitting (slouching). The “Wall Slide” is a good and effective exercise that many can do anywhere…even at work. I’ll suggest this exercise the most after working with a client in massage.

Another option from standing is sitting on the floor with your knees up and then extended. This is usually suggested in the more advanced position.